Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Here's to a brand new year full of opportunities!  This probably should have posted yesterday, but hubby and I were enjoying t.v. time together and my crafting mojo just wasn't working!

So, here it is today wishing you a Happy New Year!

At first this was going to be how the card ended up, but I decided it needed some bling to go with the gold confetti showing on the background paper.

So, here's how it ended up, with gold sequins for the bubbles!  Pretty!

Here you can see it a little better with the light shining off the gold emboss and the gold sequins.

May you all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed and happy new year!  Let's make it a fun one!!

Happy New Year!

~ Donna

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  1. What a cute card to start off the new year! Looking forward to some creative time together! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR DONNA!


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