Sunday, October 9, 2016

More Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Saturday was Kristi's workshop and we made Ugly Christmas Sweaters!  I set the girls loose to make whatever they wanted supplying ribbons, sequins, stamps, paper (to cut out shapes) and so much more.  They even selected their "sweater paper".

Have a look at how great these all turned out!

Linda won these big red pom-pom's (retired) and the decorating escalated!  
Now those really add to the Ugly.

Made by Alyssa

Thank you for checking out these great creations!  Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Some great "ugly" sweaters!!

  2. I needed a little giggle! All of these are really fun! I bet all had a good time making them as well. I don't have a particular favorite as they are all just plain fun!

    Chris R. from Iowa

  3. They did have a good time! It was so much fun to watch them put them together~

    I can't pick a favorite either!


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