Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gift Certificates (hints for Santa!)

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa can always use some help knowing exactly what  you want for Christmas!  Help him out with a wish list so he can get it perfect! Santa will appreciate the tips. 

Dear Santa

Stamping is something I really like to do,
so I'm making a little list, just for you!

Pick one, two, or three things for me
I sure would love to find them under my tree!

I really have been good this year
And I'd really love some new stamping gear.

Just contact Donna Kish to order from my list
I'm sure by now, Santa, you're getting the gist!

The goodies will appear at your front door
Simple for you, and for me - stamping galore!!

Thank You Santa!

Have your Santa contact me once you have your list ready and I'll see to it that it gets to Santa for delivery or you can have Santa order a Gift Certificate from me that you can shop with later.  (This gift certificate can only be used with me and is not redeemable through Stampin' Up!)

I'll even send the gift certificate in a beautiful Christmas Card ready to deliver!

Support small business... Every Day!

~ Donna

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