Monday, July 17, 2017

Linda's Workshop - So Much Fun!

I had hoped to have this posted for Sunday morning, but was just too tired after a fun-filled day.  Plus my camera phone and I weren't agreeing with each other!  ha ha!

When we arrived at Linda's house for our workshop, she had some great little gifts for us.  Cowgirl hats and sweet bandana's filled with goodies!

As soon as everyone arrived, we had to get a picture with our pretty hats!  Linda managed to take the picture so she wasn't in it.  That's okay, she made the gifts, she should be able to avoid the camera.  LOL

Here we are working on the cards.  I think everyone likes the Embossing Paste.  Too bad it was on backorder!  At least they could order it and have it arrive later.

We're going to make this an annual summer stamping location.  A summer storm rolled in after the party and we drove nearly all the way home (2 hours with slow safe rainy driving) and managed to get a little of the rain to come all the way to Phoenix.  I loved driving in it and enjoying the thunder.

Thank you for looking in today!  Have a great week!

~ Donna


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all! I was a bit worried about you driving back in the rain and such. I saw that flash flood on TV. You can't fool around with Mother Nature. Growing up a few blocks from the Mississippi River you learned quickly! You could see cabins across the river on the Illinois side that might be there one day and gone the next. Love her idea of party hats with the bandanas!

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. Mother Nature really knows her stuff. The flash flood that killed those people were the other direction from us and we didn't hear about them until after we were home. I have to say though, the road we were on was in extremely heavy rain at times and I was very impressed that people were really behaving themselves driving. There's always some idiot trying to bet around faster. Coming down from Sunset Point to Black Canyon City is treacherous enough without rain, but everyone was on their best behavior.

      Flash floods are nothing to mess with. Those people were swimming where the sun was shining and no sign of rain. But farther upstream there was a downpour and the water was there without any warning. So sad.

      On a happier note, the party was GREAT fun! Linda really did a great hosting job!


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