Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 2016 - My Paper Pumpkin

This is a very easy card that looks fabulous!  I've only put three of them together so far, mostly because I'm still recuperating from long hours at the office.  I didn't realize how really tired I was until I didn't have to get up early on Saturday!  

There is very little stamping and lots of layering which really gives this card a great look.  I even mixed up the layers and turned them around and I like how it turned out.

There is a layer of vellum that is designed to go to the back, but instead, I put a layer of houses, then the vellum.  It makes it look like a fog  between the neighborhoods.  

If you haven't given Paper Pumpkin a try yet, you should think about it.  Every month there is a great new surprise kit of cards or projects, each one perfect for the season at hand.

Check it out here and remember to select me as your Demonstrator for a special thank you from me!

Thank you for looking in today!


  1. I didn't put the baker's twine on them. They turned out cute standing up on a table but probably a bit thick to mail. I included them in my big box for the nursing home project since they will eventually be handed out to people in the nursing homes rather than mailed singly. I have a couple ideas for them so I might get a refill kit. I like your idea of making it look foggy! I thought the directions were a bit lacking but the video sure helped. Glad you were able to start posting and creating!

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. I totally had to use the video. The instructions were very unclear to me, but maybe that is because my brain is so foggy! They are pretty small, I'm not sure they are even mailable. I know the post office has a minimum size and I need to check that before I mail any. They would probably get too smooshed anyway!


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