Thursday, June 29, 2017

USA Daisies

Have you ever noticed that inspiration can hit at any time and any location?  The other night I was dropping off an order to a customer.  Her front porch and driveway are always decorated to the hilt with the upcoming holiday or season.  At this time of year it was patriotic with the 4th of July Holiday coming up early next week.

One of the things that jumped out at me was a great patriotic tin daisy that was in the flowerbed.  I thought... HEY, I can use our new Daisy Punch with our Real Red, Night of Navy and Whisper White.  

So, here is my card. 

Night of Navy - 11" x 4 1/4", scored and folded at 5 1/2"
Real Red - 5 1/4" x 4"
Whisper White - 5" x 3 3/4"
Stamps:  Happy Birthday Gorgeous

Now, before you go searching, there is no "USA" in the stamp set, but there is a "U", and "S", and an "A" mixed it the sentiments in the stamps.  

So using my retired Washi Tape, I covered the letters I didn't want using the "U" from "It's Your Day", inking it up, removing the washi tape and stamping it on the card.  Then I did the same with the "S" from "Make a Wish" and the "A" in the same stamp.

See those little rhinestones... they are perfect for covering up little smudges.  (You should see my fingers, oh what a mess!)

Thank you for looking in today again.  It's so nice to have you here!  

Please keep everyone affected by the summer fires burning across the southwest.  There is one in particular near several small towns in Arizona.  Several communities have been evacuated, some with very little time to gather things together.  This photo is from the Goodwin Fire.

Officials on June 27, 2017, ordered more mandatory evacuations for several areas near the Goodwin Fire, burning 14 miles south of Prescott and south of the community of Mayer.(Photo: Arizona Department of Transportation)


  1. I thought of you when I saw the news today about the fires in the west including Arizona. We had tornadoes yesterday and the closest touched down about 25-30 miles away.

    Yes, inspiration pops up in unusual places. How cool about the daisy inspiration. Your card is so fun! Even plain white daisy flowers on a red and blue background would work. I had to giggle how you did the USA - it worked though!

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. The fires are so terrible this time of year, especially when it's already so HOT without them. Plus this one is so close to small communities that have limited access to roads to get out.

      One of my stampers just moved to Prescott which is 14 miles from the fire, but the first seems to be moving northeast instead of northwest.

      We are in Phoenix and about an hour and a half from there. We sure get the smoke though through the whole state.

      Stay safe with those tornadoes. I'd love to see one, but I sure don't want to be IN one.

  2. Great card for this holiday and good idea to use for when you need a card in a hurry with the daisy punch (not much stamping - just a sentiment). Thanks for sharing. GlendaJ

  3. Thank you Glenda! You are so right, those daisies take up a lot of space on the card, so very little else is needed.

    Great to see you!


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