Monday, February 5, 2018

Kitten Alert - Card on Hold...

I had a card made and photographed, and then, the kittens started to arrive.  

Ok, so you have no idea what I'm talking about probably, so I'll fill you in.  LOL - I'm totally addicted to Kitten Academy - Where Kittens Learn To Cat... It's a fabulous foster home from Mom's and Kittens near Chicago, Illinois.

They currently have a Mom Cat - Pumice - who was growing and growing and we've been waiting for kittens to arrive.  Well, tonight (Sunday) it began to happen.

Currently there are three kittens (at the time of writing this 12:21 a.m. AZ time) and they believe there are at least two more inside.  There's an entire chat group watching live on YouTube and conversing the the chat room.  

Oh... #4 is here now!  

This is #1 - all black.

 This was #2

I haven't been able to snag any pictures of the others yet.

So, today you get kittens... if you want to follow along with these babies, check out Kitten Academy or their 24/7 Live Feed.

I'm taking my tablet and going to bed!  Hopefully I can watch the rest before falling asleep!

~ Donna


  1. Well at least you won't have kittens to worry about for yourself right now. Of course I have no idea of what to do with cats let alone kittens. The puppy bowl on the Animal Planet Channel or whatever it is, had several puppies from A1Heinz57 rescue league here in Iowa. I will have to check to see if one of them was MVP. Two of the pups froze on stage with all the lights, people, and pups and so they made them commentators. If only the real commentators were that quiet!

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. We watched some of the Puppy Bowl and the Kitten Bowl. They were both so cute! I would love to be a Kitten Foster someday. We both have talked about it once we get some other things taken care of first. My problem would be wanting to keep them all!

      The Kitten Academy has an amazing home with lots of room for everyone and a really cool catwalk outside that goes underground.


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