Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How About a Do-Over?

I decided to edit these cutie pies.  Their little footies just seemed like they were missing something, so I took some Chocolate Chip cardstock and punched just a little bit of the Cookie Cutter Punch to make "hooves" and then placed them on the bottoms of their legs.

Check out the difference - "no feet":

And now "with feet":

To see the original post with all the details, click HERE  

Thank you for looking in today.  Off to bed (Tuesday Night) after working a 12 hour day!

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  1. Hooves it is! Wow, that really made the difference though the first ones were fine. Who would have thought? I guess it really is all in the details! Great job as always. I thought about you yesterday and wondered how many hours you had to work. Thank you for doing that too.

    CHris R. from Iowa


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