Sunday, May 6, 2018

Color Cards and Cinco de Mayo Workshop

Check out this great cardstock sampler we made at our Team Meeting last Monday.  A big Thank You to Jennie P. for cutting all those little strips of cardstock and bagging them in to cute little separate packets for a group of 25 stampers.  All we had to do was glue them onto the Whisper White "bookmark" sized sheets.

The actual Whisper White pieces were actually a bit wider, so when I got home I trimmed them down to fit in the bookmark sleeves I use each year.  I really like being able to see the actual cardstock colors instead in the catalog.

Here are some pictures of Saturday's workshop we held at Kathy's House.  Kathy, I can't thank you enough for letting us use your beautiful home!  

Kathy, Mary, Linda 

 Marie and Patti

Marie and Patti

 Kathy, Mary, Linda, Marie and Patti

Kathy, Mary, Linda

It was Cinco de Mayo, so we had the appropriate food fare.  Linda made fabulous chicken enchilada casserole and made a batch of taco meat.  I made a big salad (to go with the taco meat) with chopped lettuce, grape tomatoes, scallions, olives, cheese and crushed up Doritos.  It was Yummy!  Mary even found us proper dessert.  The best Churros I've ever tasted.

Thank you for looking in today!  Have a Blessed Sunday!

~ Donna


  1. Looks like fun! The participants are not smiling as they are too intense in making their projects. I like the bookmark idea in the plastic sleeve holder idea. I guess I should have been more on the ball and ordered some of those sleeves.

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. They really were quiet while working... LOL I should get them smiling next time. We really are a fun group! ha ha ha.

      I love the bookmarks. As soon as I get my new papers, I'll be making some.


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