Friday, May 18, 2018

Puddles, Plumbers and Panic...

Home ownership can really be pain in the backside.

Wednesday night the drain from the washing machine backed up, all over the laundry room.  Thankfully it stayed in that room, but what a disaster.  When the plumber arrived, looked it all over and called his supervisor, they decided the pipes were too small, old and possibly fragile to try to send their probe or camera in without it getting stuck.  We have a laundry sink right next to the washer, so we hooked the drain hose to the sink and we were all set! Yay.... NOT.

Ran the load through that was in process when the drain backed up and it was still okay.  Then I started another load with a couple of sheets and pillow cases.  We were watching t.v. and heard something that didn't sound right.  I was afraid to look, I mean really afraid to look.

There, on the floor... water.  

We have NO idea where the water is coming from.  It has to be the hose from the washer, maybe being moved around so much, I just don't know.  We'll look at it more later.  

That being said, I didn't get anything made to share with you, hopefully I'll be able to get something to share for Saturday.

Happy Friday??  

~ Donna


  1. We had some plumbing issues too. The upstairs toilet did something and water came down through the ceiling to the 1st floor bathroom. At least it looked clean on my end. Of course all of this was when Mike was trying to get ready to go to work. So far so good on the plumbing part.

    I had ants in the kitchen area - Some of Teddy's kibble had dropped on the floor when we were pouring the big bag in the container. All our other dogs would be there to catch any stray kibble pieces. I guess that isn't Ted's thing. Anyway, I went to get my purse in that little alcove and saw a piece of kibble moving across the floor. I picked it up and there were these teeny tiny ants carrying it and several on the floor scouting out some more. I was going to an appointment so I tried to squish some of them and pick up any kibble pieces I could see. Then after my appointment I went and got some ant spray. So far so good on that end. I wish Teddy would not leave so many crumbs on the floor when he eats - I guess crumbs are not to be worried about in his book. I guess they end up in his jowls and then fall out.

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. Oh my goodness Chris, you had it so much worse than me! Bless your heart! I hope it all gets repaired quickly and affordably.

      We had an ant issue a couple of summers ago, but they were mostly in the main bathroom. We never did figure out where they were coming from. We sprayed, we powdered we cloroxed. Finally what worked best, of all things, was cinnamon!

      I could almost see the little cartoon ants walking across the floor with Teddy's kibble! Bassets are sure famous for leaving water and crumbs behind. Poor Teddy!


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