Monday, September 7, 2015

Witching Decor Project Kit

On Sunday I finally took some time to work on my Witching Decor Project Kit for my class on September 19th.  This really is a fun and easy kit to make.  It looks like it would be difficult, but it really isn't.

Most people say it takes them about an hour and a half to complete.  I did mine in two stages, so I'm not really able to say how long it actually took me.  Plus, I was watching t.v. as I worked on it.

You will have extra leaves left over, so you can use them for other projects or Fall Cards.  I'll be making some of them for sure!

To see for yourself just how easy this kit is to do, watch the Stampin' Up! video below and then quickly run to MY ONLINE STORE and get one for yourself, maybe gather a few friends to order them too and have a Witching Decor party together!

Thank you for looking in today!  I hope you'll want to make some of these too!

~ Donna

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