Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Countdown to Wedding Day

If you've been following my blog lately, you'll know I've been working on wedding fun for a young lady at our office who is getting married.  This weekend is the big day and today we're having a little shower for her at the office.

Brittney, if you are looking at this before 2 p.m. (Arizona time... stop reading!)  Don't want to spoil the surprise I have for you.  :)

It should be safe to show the cards first.  I made one for myself to give her and one for someone else to give.

This one is mine.  The gift I have for Brittney, truly is "Just For Her" a perfect Bride's gift, I think (see below, below - not you Brit... lol).

This card is for someone else that needed a card for the shower.  It really addresses just the Bride too, I see, now that I look at it.  That's okay though, even though her fiance also works for our department in another division and will be there too.  Poor guy, I hope we have some of the other guys show up to eat cake and have punch!

Since the Bride and Groom already have a home together, they don't need any household items and are just saving up for their honeymoon.  However, I wanted to give her something to have to open at the shower.  What fun is a shower without presents, right?

So, I was trying to come up with something that would be a good gift for the Bride and thought about a little care package she could have with her on the big day for those last minute emergencies.  Then last weekend when I went to the grocery store, I was able to find so many great sample size products that were exactly what I had in mind.

After looking online, I found out a LOT of people had this idea too.  Thankfully someone had a great download of the banner which I used and then added my own items to the list for her jar.

I found the jar at the grocery store Monday and filled it with little sample sizes of everything you see inside.  I actually found a few more things I need to add to it, but I can take them to her when we go out on Friday.  I was invited to join the girls for a manicure!  I've never had one before, so I'm really excited about it!

Isn't this a great idea?  Google Wedding Day Emergency Kit.  You'll be surprised how many ideas are out there!

Thank you for looking in today.  

~ Donna

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