Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 2017 - Paper Pumpkin

So this happened... on Friday, I received this month's Paper Pumpkin... perfect timing on the day, on the day hubby and I have committed ourselves to cutting back on carbs big time.  So what does the kit include...

Donuts!  Argh!  ha ha ha... they look so yummy.  I especially like the one with the chocolate swirling back and forth.

Each donut or card has it's own little "bag" envelope.  Tied up with some gold cord and a little seal to keep it fresh.

If you have ever tried Paper Pumpkin monthly kits, you know how much fun they are and the surprise each month doesn't disappoint.  

If you've never tried Paper Pumpkin, now is a perfect time to start.  

Stampin' Up is offering first-time subscribers an introductory 25% discount on June, July and August 2017 kits.

To get your discount, go to and enter promo code STARTHERE to subscribe.  You can select to stop at any time, or you can skip a month if you don't want a kit for one reason or another.  It's very simple.

Thank you for looking in today!  Happy Saturday!

~ Donna


  1. For some reason, donutja know I liked this kit. I am not real excited about the blue and gold circles but that is ok. I love the squiggled chocolate icing look. Looks good enough to eat! I did make one of the pink iced ones only I cut the pink iced part a little more irregular and made the card part under it a little darker by sponging. I used that glossy effects or liquid glass on the little sprinkles too. Boy, this set is enough to make you dream about donuts. Or, maybe it is the 2 bakeries a couple blocks from us!

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. I've got a box of donuts sitting in front of me that were brought in for a birthday celebration. I couldn't resist one... so much for no carbs today!

      The blue and gold circle cards worked for me as not everyone wants a donut card, but this way you could still do the unique circle without the guilt... LOL


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