Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hello Life Cards

Hello Life Cards

I picked up this cute Hello Life Project Kit the other day and am really happy with how the cards come together so quickly.  However, I'm not using the instructions that come with the kit, I'm using another set of instructions to make different cards.

I'll be sharing more from this set over the next few days.  There's no cutting involved, other than a few snips here and there, everything else is ready to pop out and attach!

Thank you for looking in today.  This is a short and quick post as I'm fighting a head cold or something and this girl is ready to hit the sheets and my fluffy pillow!

~ Donna


  1. Oh Donna, I hope your cold gets better. I think I am working on an ear infection or at least fluid in my ear.

    The cards are fun. I love those colors and I think I need to take another look at Hello Life to see what is in there. I have seen other people use it and liked them. But, I have a lot of other stuff on my wish list too. Feel better soon!

    Chris R. from Iowa

  2. Hi Chris, I'm feeling a bit more human today, thank goodness. I'm just grateful it isn't a cough like everyone else seems to have. Be sure to get that ear checked out, fluid in the ear can be painful!

    My wish list is long as well, that's what makes it fun! Maybe it's time to sign up and get the discounts for all the fun stuff on your wish list. ;)


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