Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cutest Swap Ever!

I hear thunder outside, so I need to make this fast again.  We had some good rain Tuesday night, for about 10 minutes, but the thunder was fun to hear too!

So, I simply have to share my Upline's Swap Card from Tuesday's Team Meeting.  This was made by Lorri Heiling.  I just LOVE this!  This bear is on my next order and I can hardly wait to share it.

Flat, it looks like this:  Cute as can be....

With a little magic, it looks like this open and stands up perfectly!  Plus there's a little message waiting inside!

Thank you Lorri for your fabulous ideas and being such a great inspiration!

Going to sign off - the thunder is louder and I want to go enjoy it!

Thank you for looking in!


  1. So cute! I thought I would see a zillion cards made with this bear right off the bat but I haven't. So, this is a treat. It is fun seeing the different color too - perfect for a shower present. Lorri does such a great job. I can't wait to see what all you do with this stamp set. I like the way the card sits up and reveals the sentiment. Very cute! Thanks for sharing it Donna.

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. Thank you Chris. I'm with you, I thought I'd see more of it, but that's okay, I know it will be coming! Did you see Patti Bennett's adorable bear with a patriotic theme. Oh it is adorable!

    2. Yes, I saw it and it was very cute. Maybe towards Christmas there will be more things using the bear. I don't plan on buying that set though.



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