Thursday, June 2, 2016

Masking it Easy

A big shout out thank you to Shawn from Shawn Stamps for introducing this fabulous stuff called liquid mask!  Oh My Goodness, it is SO MUCH FUN to work with.  I found this at the "M" store, but I'm sure other craft or artist supplies would have it as well.  You will want a coupon, it's a little pricey, but so worth it!

Our current way of making something like the card at the top would require stamping the image onto a post it note and then fussy cutting it out, sticking it down and sponging or painting over it.  Remove the sticky mat and color the hedgehogs.  Honey, those days are GONE!  Let me show you how this works!

Begin by stamping your image with StazOn ink onto watercolor paper.  I used watercolor because i was going to water color the hedgehogs with my Aqua Painter. The Memento will NOT work, so be sure to use the StazOn.  Make sure it is good an dry before continuing.

Give the jar of liquid mask a good shake.  You want it all dissolved.  This one has a bit of an orange tint to it.  You will want some coloring in it to make it easier to see on your paper.  Another one I saw online had a blue tint to it.

Next pick the paint brush that will work best painting your image of choice.  I wanted to have a bit of a skinny tip so I could get the pokey parts of the hedgehog.

Wet your brush and then rub it on a bar of soap.  I used Dial.  I think anything will work as long as there are no moisturizers in it to ruin your paper.  This will prevent the liquid mask from ruining your brush.  The soap protects the bristles.

Now gently paint the liquid mask onto the image.  Cover everything where you don't want color from your daubers, sponge or watercolors to get through.  See the coloring of the mask on my image below?   WASH your brush right away so you can use it again.

Once the mask is dry you can color over your image however you wish.  I used sponge daubers and Marina Mist for the sky and Mint Macaron for the grass.  Let the ink set up for a couple of minutes.  You don't have too, but it's probably a good idea.

Next, take your Adhesive Remover (eraser) and gently rub down from the edge to pull up the mask.  Once it is started, you can actually just rub it off with your finger.

BEFORE you do... remember the first time you saw Embossing Powder heat up and turn shiny and beautiful?  Get ready for that "oooohhh ahhhhh" when you get the mask off.  I did... I think you will too.

See how easily it pulls up?  I would have posted a picture of it all pulled off, but I want you to see that for yourself when you try it.  It is just amazing!

Carefully watercolor your image.  This one turned out great, and it was my first attempt.  I have to admit that my next attempt I got sloppy with the Aqua Brush and my "sky" and "grass" ended up with water stains.  Learn from my mistake... you'd hate to have to start from scratch again!

Thank you for looking in!  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.  I'm planning to play with it more!  ~ Donna

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  1. Oh cool! I have never seen or heard of that stuff but I lead a sheltered life! I don't mask much but maybe it would make me do that technique more. Right now, I just need to make more cards period! The stuff sort of reminds me of rubber cement. I had to laugh at the photo where you are taking off the goop - it looks like the little hedgehog is wearing a shower cap or shampooing her hair! Now I am trying to envision something that needs the masking technique and how I would "paint" on the stuff. Interesting that you can just use soap to coat the brush so as not to ruin it. It would be great for things like the pointy noses on the hedgehogs. Anyway, back to the cute card - it really is cute and I had not even noticed he was giving her a flower. Great coloring - love the variations of the sky and the grass. FUN!!!

    Chris R. from Iowa

  2. I must have the same sheltered life, because I'd never heard of it before either! Isn't it awesome! This is the video I first watched and it was very easy to follow and understand. plus he has a pleasant voice.

    I'm looking forward to working with it again and again!


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