Monday, June 27, 2016

Fly Away Firefly Jar

Ok, time to ask your opinion.  I've looked at this off and on all day since I made it early Sunday Morning.  I know which one I like best, but I wonder how others feel, so, check out these two cards and then leave a comment below letting me know which you prefer, and why.

From Jar of Love, comes this cute card with a jarful of fireflies being released.  I bet you didn't know there was a firefly stamp in there.  I didn't, until I looked closer.  There are a lot of great options with this set from flowers, to fishes to ... well... fireflies!

My first card I made on Whisper White with Night of Navy as a background and stars in the sky.  I like this one because it is bright and you can really see the glow of the firefly butt.  LOL  Inside I have a matching theme.

Night of Navy - 8 1/2" x 5 1/2", scored and folded at 4 1/4"
Whisper White (or Marina Mist -see below) - 5 1/4" x 4"
Confetti Stars Border
Jar of Love Photopolymer
Memento Black
Pear Pizzazz
Daffodil Delight

Then, as I thought about it, it seemed to me you wouldn't see fireflies glowing in the daylight with the bright white, so I went with Marina Mist instead.   This takes the pretty "shine" away from the glow.

So... what do you think and which do you like best?  Since making them early this morning (Sunday) I've thought of some changes to make, but I'll save that for when I make them.  

I'd like to hear from you though, share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you for looking in today.  ~ Donna

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  1. I like the white background the better because the marina mist isn't dark enough. How would the Wink of Stella stuff look on their little lights? I saw a card once where they used the Night of Navy and stamped them with black but used the gel pen to outline a little. I tried one with the old jar from the farm set a couple of years ago and I used a yellow highlighter on a rhinestone for their glow and that was pretty cool but still needed some work. I think that would work for these fireflies too. Or, maybe pop them up with their glow? I would love to play around with this idea. I like these jars better than the one I have from the previous set. But, not sure how bad I NEED this set! Have you ever "written" your name with their lights on the concrete? It is fun but my husband thinks it is sort of cruel. Probably because he never wrote his name that way to watch it glow. I think I am in one of my moods again.....Fun card though.

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. The girls from my office suggested Wink of Stella for their little lights. That was one of my thoughts after I took the pictures and posted this last night. My husband also wondered about stamping on the Daffodil Delight and then cutting out their butts and sticking them on. I could try that too and maybe some white paper behind the stars to make it look more like stars.

      I've never written with one. I think I have to agree with your hubby on that one! Truth is, the only time I've seen them was when I was younger visiting family in Indiana. We don't have them here in Phoenix. Their might be some up in our pine trees in northern AZ, seems I recall seeing a few, but I could be totally dreaming that!

    2. I didn't think you had them in Phoenix. We didn't in Houston either. With my real name of Christine it took a lot of bugs to write my name. But, it is fun to see it glow for hours! It is always fun to see one land on the dog's nose for the first time and light up - watching their reaction is priceless!

      Chris R. from Iowa

    3. LOL Landing on the dogs nose! That would have been priceless! We didn't have any pets for them to land on when we visited my Aunt in Indiana, but I can just imagine how funny that would be!


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