Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Busy Tuesday... Today's Another Day

No fun projects for you to see today... I suppose I could have shared carpet cleaning pictures but ... ewwww....  

Tuesday was spent running hubby to the doctor for a follow up on a knee x-ray - nothing seriously wrong, but probably some arthritis issues that make the knee snap, crackle and pop and then hurt!

After that adventure we had lunch and then home to clean my craft room carpet.  What a disaster, but it does look so much better!

I found glitter, teensy tiny punched pieces of paper and well, you get the idea!  Hopefully I'll have a new project to post for you tomorrow.

Ohhhh...and my day started with my Pre-Ordering select items from the soon-to-be released 2016-2017 Annual Catalog!  Just wait until you see it!  

If you want me to send one to you, please let me know, as long as you don't already have a Demonstrator - I'd love to take care of all your Stampin' Up! needs!

Thank you for looking in today!  Happy Star Wars Day!


  1. We won't discuss cleaning let alone carpet mess! Unfortunately I can see all the crap now and I am one of the world's worst housekeepers! I wish Ted would eat all of his biscuits instead of leaving tons of crumbs behind!

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. Oh yes, now that your eyes are properly functioning, you'll be seeing all kinds of things that need to be done.

      Nike has no problem with crumbs, we call him the little "Hoover". Weird little dog doesn't like biscuits though, if it's too hard, he won't eat it, he pretends to bury it in a corner, as if we can't see it!

    2. Little Hoover, made me laugh! Maybe he has a tooth problem or jaw problem and the harder things make him hurt?

      Ted eats his main meals in his crate but he has a huge pile of crumbs outside of his crate. He leaves them there until I am vacuuming around it and then he runs over and grabs the bigger crumbs at least. Maybe he is saving them for a rainy day? Whatever. I swear he is part pig though. Maybe his ears get in his way and he can't see them? But, he should be able to smell them! Dogs, gotta love them. Ted comes home from camp tonight. I hope he played a lot so he is tired and just takes a nap!

      Chris R. from Iowa

    3. His teeth and jaws are fine. When he goes to "grandma's" house, there is another dog there and so he will chew on rawhides and bigger treats. He's just weird. LOL - but we love him!


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