Saturday, May 14, 2016

Thinking of You

Isn't this just an adorable little frog?  Just sitting there thinking, thinking, thinking... of you.  This is a sneak peek of one of the cute Hostess Sets in the upcoming 2016-17 Annual Catalog.  There are more super adorable stamps in here and I'll be sharing more as time goes on.

I stamped the little frog and his "thinking" bubble and then colored in around the letters and they eyes with the White Stampin' Chalk Marker (132133).  Then I used my Journaling pen to fill them in a bit.

The ribbon and the paper match great in real life, but I can see in the photograph, they sure don't look quite right.

Can't wait to show you more sneak peeks over the next few days.

Thank you for looking in today!  Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh, I bet the light source catches the ribbon and makes it a little different shade - I hadn't really noticed it until you mentioned it. I bet in real life it would match perfectly. The little frog is cute and the white chalk marker really highlights the eyes and the word bubble. Good job! At first glance I thought maybe the specks on the DP could be flies or gnats in the frog's way of thinking and he can't wait to slurp up some! Susan Itell calls this frog the cousin of the one in the Sublime Set. "Toadally" different look to the frog from before but both are fun. Fun card and using the "You" to it it could be all kinds like missing you, thinking of you, get well, birthday etc. All kinds of ideas for the inside. Even something like you "Croak" me up as in crack me up with laughter.

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. Thank you Chris. Oh yes, in real life it matches perfectly. It's such a pretty color and being emerald, it' my birthstone, so I really am happy it's a new color!

      I love the Toadally love the frog from You're Sublime. They are both really cute and make good cousins I think! :)

      Oh, I never thought of the paper looking like flies, but you're right. They are perfect!

      I've been having fun stamping and spending girl time today with some friends, so I'll have lots of things to share this week, even though I'll be working long hours again.


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