Friday, April 6, 2018

Butterfly Swap

After taking Wednesday off work to have a day with some friends, going back to work on Thursday was a bit busy playing catch up.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have a class in the afternoon on top of it!  Then when I got home, I started researching more about my Mom.

That all being said, I'm sharing a swap card tonight as I just haven't made one to share.  Besides, this is a really cool card with a fun trick.  This one was done by Becky Costello of our weSTAMP Team.  Great Job Becky!

With the card closed completely, it looks like this:

As you start to open it, the butterfly wings come together: 

Open it all the way and the butterfly is inside the card and you can see the Classic Label Punch that the butterfly was sticking through.

Here's a closeup of the butterfly.  I wish it came out better, but it still looks good. 

Thank you for looking in today!  It's finally Friday!

Have a great weekend ~



  1. This is gorgeous! I want to try and make this sometime. Do you plan on making it and sharing all your great tips and thoughts? No use me recreating the wheel if you are! I have that butterfly stamp and I have that punch. But, adhering the butterfly so it doesn't tear has my interest! Gorgeous!!!

    Are you going to OnStage? If not, you need to relax a bit and enjoy yourself. I am still amazed about your birth mom and I hope you enjoy the process of finding out more about her. That has to be so difficult as well. Hugs!!!

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. Hi Chris, yes, I plan on making this at sometime - soon though before the Occasions Catalog retires. I'll let you know when I do. I believe the butterfly was done with vellum cardstock which is a little sturdier, plus gives it a bit of a see through look.

      Not going to OnStage this time. I'm hoping it will be back in Phoenix again sometime soon. My luck it will be during election time like it was in 2016 when it was the weekend just prior to the Presidential Election. No way I was getting out of working for it. I have a workshop Saturday, so that will give me my stampin' fix. No relaxing, too much research and fun to dig into! I'm loving the process and all the things I'm learning. It's all amazing!


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