Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cookie Cutter Christmas Sneak Peek

Yes, I know, this isn't a Cookie or Christmas, but it is an adorable item you can make from the Cookie Cutter Christmas stamp set that will be available beginning September 1, 2016.  This great little set is a bundle that comes with a punch that works perfectly with not only this set, but also a cute Halloween set.

I can hardly wait for you to see them!  If you don't have a Demonstrator already and would like a Holiday Catalog, please contact me and I'll be happy to send you one.

So these are my thank you's from one of this month's workshops.  They will be delivered with their bags of purchases.  Aren't they adorable?

Thank you for looking in today.  The weekend is getting closer!  ~ Donna


  1. Beary cute! I had not seen the bear until today and he is so cute! I love how the punch can be used for the reindeer too. Wouldn't this be fun if they could make an Easter bunny out of it too for the spring catalog? I like the Halloween stamp set too. I do hope they continue this punch. Boy, I wish I would have been at one of your workshops and placed an order to receive one in my bag! I just love little 3x3 cards. Now that is a treat bag!

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. Awwww... thanks Chris! I wish you could come to one of my workshops too. It would be fun to meet you.

      Great idea on carrying it over to the Spring Catalog with a bunny! I wonder if it's too late to but that bug in their ear. I bet things are planned ages ahead.

  2. Probably but I am all for getting more bang for my buck with punches. Was it the mitten punch they only had in the holiday catalog a couple of years ago and that farmer's market (had a mason jar in it) set with the thinlits - just that one catalog. Then now they bring more mason jars back out. The Halloween jars are cute.

    Of course if I came to the workshop we wouldn't get anything done - just chat! Guess it could be worse!


  3. The mitten punch and the stocking punch that I LOVED. At least with the mason jars, they are really big everywhere now and they weren't so much before. Plus, there is so much variety that goes with the jars, and now with the holiday catalog adding to them I think they are so fun!

    True, we wouldn't accomplish much crafting would we!


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