Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tip Day Tuesday, Gifts and Weekly Deals

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These great little calendars will be gifts for my customers.  I've been trying to do these for a while and always thought of them too late to get calendars.  This year I started early and ta-da!  I have the calendars.  Planning ahead really makes a big difference.

Easel cards are so much fun to make and really have a great wow factor for the recipient to keep on their desk or special place of display.  A monthly calendar is a perfect Easel card!

Tip Day Tuesday:

Since there was so much gluing involved in these cards, I needed a way to keep my Multi-purpose glue bottle point down so the glue would always be at the tip.

I used an empty ribbon spool and some scraps of paper.  It's best to use a spool that had a wider ribbon on it so the glue tip doesn't rest on the bottom.  Also, pick one that is a little heavier than some of our older spools.  This particular one was from the 5/8" Striped Cotton Ribbon.  You could also attach two smaller ones together if needed.


Thank you for looking in today.  

~ Donna

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